Elemental is an immersive musical experience that uses loop pedal to create layers of sound that make the listener feel as though they are surrounded by a certain element – “Air,” “Earth,” “Water,” “Fire,” “Pulse” - or life essential - "Root," "Leaf," "Sun," "Moon," "Chocolate." The performance uses extended techniques on a five-octave marimba, as well as accessory percussion instruments like rain stick, mbira, china cymbal, stones, and kick drum.

When performed live the musical performance can be done in conjunction with other artistic elements such as lighting, video, visual art, food tasting, aromatic immersion, and movement, but is wonderful to enjoy as a recording, and especially effective for yoga classes, relaxation sessions, and contemplative moments. Elemental has been described as, “Stunningly effective, “evocative and beautiful,“ and “a relaxing transcendental experience.” It is an avante-garde new music work; the sounds, timbres, and textures used are beautiful and designed to draw in the listener, both aurally and visually.

Each layer of the loops explores a different aspect of the element – for example “Fire” begins with sparks, adds embers, then smolder, tongues of flame, and ends with a blaze. Elemental explores the different ways that we experience and interact with the elements. The album was recorded in the same way that the music is performed live, so the music exists as a snapshot of a moment in time, like a rainstorm or a bonfire – similar to other times that it happens, but unique.

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